Gate Energy is a specialist upstream oil and gas consulting and advisory firm, providing technical support, reserves evaluations and investment due diligence to energy companies and investors. 

Our Services

We occupy a unique space, offering a distinctive combination of technical, strategic, commercial and financial insight

Our combination of technical expertise and financial knowledge, means we not only work with investors and oil and gas companies separately, we also facilitate interaction between the two, ensuring a smoother, more efficient investment process.

Our Expertise

We pride ourselves on our complete understanding of the disciplines in which we operate and our ability to offer clarity in an uncertain and often fast moving marketplace

We go beyond the technical, using our strategic expertise and investment experience to answer critical questions around potential risks and opportunities as well as offer insight into how technical developments and shifting market conditions could affect returns.

Our Work

Our unique background means we are perfectly placed to bridge the gap between oil and gas companies and capital markets, ensuring a smoother, more efficient investment process

Whether you are an investor wanting to understand the potential risks and rewards of a particular asset, or a growing oil and gas company looking to secure investment, we speak your language.