About Us

Gate Energy is an international consulting and advisory firm with a world-class breadth of expertise and depth of experience across the upstream oil and gas sector

We are trusted and relied upon by oil and gas companies and investors to provide technical support, reserves evaluations and investment due diligence for the four phases of upstream oil and gas operations: exploration, appraisal, development and production.

Our experienced consultants are highly respected technical experts in their fields but have also held senior management roles in oil and gas companies, investment banks and reserve certification firms. This distinctive combination gives us the capacity to understand both the technical and commercial aspects of a project and makes us a global leader in oil and gas evaluations and investment support.

By translating the technical to highlight tangible investment risks and opportunities, we empower investors to make better, more informed decisions. By demystifying the investment process, we enable oil and gas companies to access the most appropriate funding for their needs, as well as provide all the technical services associated with the development and evaluation of hydrocarbon resources and reserves.

Welcome, from our president

Dear Reader,

At Gate Energy, our principle philosophy is that good decisions in oil and gas are always based on a fundamental understanding of the value and risks associated with the underlying oil and gas asset. For that particular reason all of our principals have always and foremost stayed technical. All our technical work is done in house and we stay current with latest technology and trends. You need to do your homework to avoid surprises!

We appreciate that not everyone has access to the technical teams of major oil and gas companies or investment banks. This is where Gate Energy comes in. I am proud to say that we offer what I consider to be some of the best all round technical and commercial support when it comes to evaluating oil and gas properties and making investment decisions. 

Our objective is to provide practical answers and direct feedback that helps you make better decisions and meet your commercial objectives. We work to the highest technical standard and pride ourselves on our integrity and bespoke customer service to address the unique set of circumstances each situation requires.

I am looking forward to the opportunity of telling you more about our work and us. Please drop us a note or give us call. We look forward to working with you.

Yours Truly,

Thomas Wagenhofer