Our Services

We occupy a unique space, offering a distinctive combination of technical, strategic, commercial and financial insight

Our combination of technical expertise and financial knowledge, means we not only work with investors and oil and gas companies separately, we also facilitate interaction between the two, ensuring a smoother, more efficient investment process.

We work with banks, funds and private investors to help them meet their commercial objectives and make better investment decisions by providing a world-class level of technical support.

We work with oil and gas companies to help with development planning and reservoir management, provide general technical support and due diligence services as well as assist them in interacting with capital markets more successfully.


We provide a series of bespoke technical services to banks and investors to help them make informed and confident decisions

Successful investment in oil and gas requires a seamless integration of technical and financial disciplines.

Our consultants have either worked in a principal investment capacity or advised banks and investors for over 15 years. This experience is invaluable to our financial clients as it provides commercially minded technical support that readily connects with and translates into the financial world.

Our services include:

  • Early stage scoping studies
  • Full technical due diligence and forecasts of reserves and cashflows
  • Certified independent reserves reports/CPRs
  • A&D / M&A technical support
  • Post-investment technical oversight and maintenance
  • Portfolio reviews
  • Retained technical advisors to management or investment committee
  • Financial services in partnership with Giant Capital Management Ltd
    • Fair market valuations
    • Purchase price determination
    • Financial due diligence
    • Contract reviews
    • Deal structuring, negotiation and execution
    • Financial modelling
    • Restructuring and debt recovery workouts


We provide all the technical services associated with the development and evaluation of hydrocarbon resources and reserves

Our consultants are highly respected technical experts in their respective fields and have worked in leadership roles for international oil and gas companies and financial institutions.

This unique combination makes us an ideal partner to assist and facilitate engagement with capital markets for fundraising or securing debt.

Our services include:

Technical Services

  • Geologic Services
    • "Missed pay" analysis
    • Unconventional resources evaluations
    • Formation evaluation (i.e. well log analysis)
    • Seismic interpretation
    • Geologic mapping and modelling
    • Reservoir characterisation
    • Volume in-place calculations
    • Exploration portfolio analysis
  • Petroleum engineering services
    • Field development and optimisation planning
    • Reservoir management
    • Capital and operating cost reviews
    • Well test interpretation
    • Material balance analysis
    • Rate forecast projections
    • Gas deliverability models
    • Waterflood and EOR projects
    • Production optimisation
  • Infrastructure in partnership with industry specialists
    • Infrastructure / facilities reviews and optimization
    • Red flag / SWOT reviews
    • Decommissioning studies
  • Certified reserves studies / competent persons reports

Corporate Advisory Services

  • Fundraising and capital markets support
  • Retained technical advisory to management or investment committee
  • A&D support to enhance technical team or meet deadlines
  • Peer Reviews

For Brokers and Financial Advisors

We work as a trusted partner to select intermediaries such as brokers, corporate and financial advisors

Our services include:

  • Providing general technical capability to enhance product offering
  • Client screening prior to taking them on as clients
  • Fundraising support covering technical aspects of process
  • Providing independent out-side view


Missed Pay Analysis
Missed Pay is defined as unrecognised or under evaluated reservoir rocks that contain hydrocarbons. There are many examples of large fields such as North Dome in Qatar, Cuisiana in Colombia and Nelson in the North Sea that have been discovered or re-discovered after the original operator has walked away. Clearly it is important to be able to recognise, then properly evaluate, pay zones that have been drilled. Doug Fenwick, through his work specialising in this area over the past 20 years, has developed a skillset that that both can systematically recognise (previously unrecognised) wells or zones within the wells with potential to flow hydrocarbons. Once recognised, these can be carefully evaluated by integrating the results from logs, tests and sample analysis with an emphasis on the rock information.

Such techniques have the power to add value to any technical evaluation of a property or series of properties which may have hidden reserves or resources that have not previously been identified and should form an essential part of the toolkit for assessing a property.

Quick Look Evaluation Studies
Clients refer to our “Quick Look Evaluation Studies” as one of our most value-added service. These studies typically take one to two days and are a quick ‘deep-dive’ into background data to provide our clients with a qualified first impression in order to make a quick decision on whether or not a project makes commercial sense. We routinely perform this type of work for clients who do not have in-house technical staff or are resource constrained and need fast insight prior to committing significant cost and time to a due-diligence phase.

Unconventional Reserves and Resources Evaluations
Gate Energy is experienced in the evaluation of shale oil/gas plays that require advanced completion techniques such as extended reach horizontal wells and multi-stage hydraulic fracs. We have evaluated projects in most US shale plays (e.g. Eagleford, Woodford, Mississippi Lime, Bakken, Marcellus) as well as some in Poland and Hungary. We stay current with the latest technologies and activities and work with a trusted network of US partners to provide technical support we consider on par with the best technical support available in the US.